Artist Talk: $500, within 3 driving hours. *
Artist Talk, in Addition to Workshop: $200

Visiting Artist: Artist Talk, Undergrad Group Crit, Grad Studio Visits
$1,200 per day, within 3 driving hours*

Visual Voice Workshop, One Day:  3-hour workshop (presentation/questionnaire) $500, 7-Hour Workshop (with additional drawing/group response)  $1200, within 3 driving hours*

Visual Voice Workshop, Two Days: Two 7-Hour Days
Includes Extended Exercises, & individual critique/feedback  $2000, within 3 driving hours*

Publicity Hat Workshops:  4-Hour Workshop, $700, within 3 driving hours. *

Individual Skype/Virtual Critique/Portfolio Preparation:  $60/hr

PR Consult: by Skype or Phone,  $60/hr

Artist Press Releases:  $80

* I am located in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Add flight & lodging (staying with a generous faculty member/board member is acceptable) if over 3 hours away.




Artist Talk:
1 – 1 ¼ hours, plus Q & A
Kate’s work spans media categories, including work that will be of interest to students studying drawing, painting, fiber, wearables, and sculpture. Traditional media like silverpoint drawing and Renaissance glazing techniques are put in service of contemporary concepts. An obsessive emphasis on craft is balanced with a desire to execute each work in the most powerful and effective medium, while often pushing that medium to its physical limits. Includes Psychological Clothing series, human hair embroideries, unconventional multi-media drawings and paintings, and unusual fiber work.


Dig Deep: Visual Voice Workshop
This intensive workshop serves artists who work in all media, at virtually any stage in their development. Utilizing both intuitive and analytical approaches, discover ways to unearth the unique work that you alone were born to make. Cultivate methods to mine for concepts and discover your own distinctive formal vocabulary. Explode automatic assumptions that you did not even know you were making about your own work. The featured exercises can also be applied to refresh an artistic practice or recover from "artist's block." Offered as an abbreviated 3-hour workshop, a 7-hour workshop, or a two-day workshop, which includes additional drawing exercises, and feedback on individual work.

Kate has been helping undergraduate and graduate students find their visual vocabulary for over 20 years. As an Associate Professor and BFA Director at Florida International University for ten years, Kate helped students create final bodies of work for their BFA and MFA exhibitions. She has lectured/ participated on panels at the Miami Art Museum, The Frost Art Museum, Hollywood Art & Culture Center, the Textile Society of America, Binghamton University, Mississippi University for Women, USC Columbia, Foundations in Art and Theory Conference, and The Southeastern College Art Conference, and has given critiques as a Visiting Artist for students at all levels at over 25 institutions, including Virginia Commonwealth University, NC State, Antioch College, UNC Chapel Hill, Florida Atlantic University, Catholic University, Agnes Scott College, Elon University, and CUNY. Kate’s exhibitions include the Museum of Arts & Design in New York, Van Gijn Museum in The Netherlands, Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Wignall Museum, Katonah Museum, Frost Museum, Fort Collins MOCA, San Jose Museum of Textiles, Telfair Museum, Fort Lauderdale Museum, and the Museo Medici in Italy, as well as Lyons Wier Ortt & 31Grand Gallery in NY, Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Miami, Snyderman-Works Galleries in Philadelphia, and Packer/Schopf in Chicago.






"Publicity Hat" Workshop
Designed for artists who have a difficult time promoting their creative work. Learn how to break through the myths and psychological barriers that are holding back your career. Cultivate a new mindset to become a constant advocate for your work in a non-aggressive, natural way. Learn how to find the contacts that you need, use social media to your advantage, get maximum mileage out of the promotional time you invest, capture the attention of the right people, parlay your smaller successes into larger ones, and how to create a buzz for important projects and exhibitions. 4-hour workshop.

A million years ago, before getting her MFA degree, Kate had a secret, brief stint as an art director in an ad agency that gave her a foundation in ascertaining angles, pinpointing audiences, and delivering memorable messages. As a professional artist, Kate has built up an extensive CV, doing all of her own publicity until a few short years ago, when she joined her first commercial gallery. Her 2006 painting, “Blessed Art Thou”, appeared in virtually every major newspaper and TV news channel in the world, due to her press releases. Much of Kate’s work is decidedly non-commercial, but has appeared in over 95 international newspapers and has been featured repeatedly in the New York Times, ArtPapers, The Huffington Post, and Surface Design, as well as Vanity Fair Italy, ELLE Japon, PASAJES DISENO (Spain), and 1626 (China) magazines.




Individual Critique
Kate will do individual one-hour critiques via Skype. She will ask for a statement and work sample images prior to the meeting.

Portfolio Preparation
If you are applying to art school or graduate school, Kate can review your portfolio and give you honest, constructive feedback on how put together a presentation of your work that will maximize your chances for acceptance.

PR Consult
By Skype or phone. Kate will help you tailor a custom plan of action to increase your exposure and help you to get your work out into the world via social media, press releases, and targeted publications. She will ask for a statement and work sample images prior to the meeting.



* I am located in the Mid-Atlantic area. Add flight & lodging (staying with a generous faculty member/board member is acceptable) if over 3 hours away.

All payments by individuals must be made by Paypal to kkretz4art@aol.com.

Institutions will be invoiced.