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Lustrous Lines Metalpoint Exhibition
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA
Nov 21st , 2015 - Jan 3rd, 2016
Washington County Museum of Fine Art, Hagertown, MD
July 1st - Sept 25, 2016

Spring Solo Shows
Andrea Pollan & Jeffrey Cudlin, Jurors
Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA
April 18 - June 28, 20

Keynote Address
Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus, Miami, FL
Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 11:00, Mccarthy Auditorium, Rm 6120

Readymade @ 100
American University Museum, Washington, D.C.
Sept 6 - Oct 19, 2014

ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out
Curated by Kate Lydon
Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, OH
Sept 7, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014

Curated by Jack Rasmussen
McLean Project for The Arts, McLean, VA
June 12 - Aug 2, 2014

Bridge Red Studios, Miami, FL
April 27 - June 15, 2014

Curated by Holly Koons McCullough
Greater Reston Arts Center, Reston, VA
Jan 16 - Mar 1, 2014

Fiberart International 2013
San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA
November 6, 2013 - January 19, 2014

State of Emergency
Curated by Lia Newman
Davidson College Galleries, Davidson, NC
Jan - Feb, 2014

Curated by Twig Murray
The Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA
Oct 24 - Dec 8, 2013

ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out
Curated by Kate Lydon
Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 27, 2013 - Mar 22, 2014

Fiber Optics
Curated by Lisa Rockford
1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Sept 21- Oct 11, 2013

Curated by Amanda Cooper
Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL
Sept 14 - Oct 27, 2013

The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Art Awards Exhibit
Gallery B, Bethesda, MD
Sept 4-28, 2013



"With a bluntly primal wit, Kretz claws at the guts......"
- Carlos Suarez De Jesus, MIAMI NEW TIMES

“Kate Kretz creates a poetic space in which tenderness and fear can confront one another. It is an absolute dedication to the threat of uncertainty through handiwork, and achieves the consistency of an art that protects life itself."
- Adriana Herrera, EL NUEVO HERALD

Kate Kretz embroiders pillowcases with eyelashes and human hair... the result is both delicate and creepy... ”
- Karen Rosenberg, NEW YORK TIMES

“Few acts of sexual and romantic love are as oppressive and shocking as Kretz's triumphantly perverse sewn tributes to maternal overinvestment. ”
- Felicia Feaster,

"The paintings of Kate Kretz.... have the power to stop people in their tracks."
- Candice Russell, CITYLINK

“A reverence, a quiet bubble of awe, is experienced upon viewing her work."

“Kate Kretz's needle art is amazing. And I mean that literally. When I look at her work, my mouth falls open and I go into a kind of trance, enthralled by her concepts and captivated by her exquisite technique." - Denise Felton, CRAFTGOSSIP.COM

Kate Kretz’s paintings are explorations of identity in various states of extremity, symbolized by the often dramatic or downright lurid effects of light (These effects, incidentally, are what distinguish Kretz as an exceptionally promising younger artist.)”
- Jerry Cullum, ART PAPERS

“Lush and luminous, paintings by Kate Kretz speak of dreamy nighttime worlds alive with possibilities and portents. “Beauty Wrest” is her show of painstakingly, immaculately crafted oil paintings....”
- Elisa Turner, MIAMI HERALD

“Powerfully resonant and enticingly complex, Kretz’s paintings are crafted - one might almost say wrought - with an exquisite detail that draws the viewer in, unfolding before the viewer’s gaze, and only with an investment of time and effort....”
- Nora Heimann, PhD, Catholic University, Beauty Wrest catalog

“Kate Kretz... known for labor-intensive art of intellectual heft.”
- Candice Russell, CITY LINK

"Kretz’s work is decidedly literary... everything plays against other elements and viewer expectation and experience to create stories capable of penetrating the television-addled consciousness of contemporary viewers.”
- Neil Herring, ART PAPERS

"It's unusual in this TV/Internet/YouTube age for a painting to captivate the nation, but that's exactly what Kate Kretz did with her piece, 'Blessed Art Thou'... "
- Adam Bernard, FOAM Magazine

“With the skill of a Caravaggio and the mindset of a Gloria Steinem, Kate Kretz paints disturbing images of the emotional life of women.....”
- Verna Safran,

“Edgy, seductive, work of a most unusual artist.....miraculous beauty.... How typically clever of the artist to take a conventional genre and turn it upside down. But then there is cleverness throughout this welcome exhibition.”
- Candice Russell, CITY LINK

"Kre(n)tz traffics in the unspoken and unacknowledged, even the private thoughts that can be our own undoing..."

“The erie glow that emanates from so many of the a result of being raised ‘on a regimen of Catholicism and Technicolor movies.’ It’s an odd but apt convergence of influences, with the conflicting impulses of the Vatican and Hollywood coming together to create the emotional turbulence and instability that always seem to lurk just below the deceptively calm surfaces of Kretz’s images.”
- Michael Mills, NEW TIMES MIAMI

“Tableaux as portentous as ones assembled by David Lynch; details of light and shadow combined with dramatic elements of color and composition...”
- Jerry Cullum, ART PAPERS

"Kate Kretz...wowing viewers in a variety of media, from oil on canvas to sculpted bas-relief encaustic to embroidery. Her obsessive, detail-oriented images pull us into their magnetic orbit."
- "Best Bets", NEWS & OBSERVER

"Kate Kretz's paintings are amazing. Realistic and phantasmagoric, she details every inch of the canvas with ardent descriptions of past and present. Her palette is spectoral and the images she paints in both oils and acrylics show her mastery of the craft."
- Margurite Gil, MIAMI SUNPOST

"Kate Kretz's solo exhibition was another display of her impressive work... her work in two & three dimensions is highly taut with emotion that is complex and sensitive."
- Onajide Shabaka, MIAMI ART EXCHANGE

"These astonishing "pillow drawings" are as affecting for their execution as for the way they unblatently describe a psychological maelstrom."
- Elisa Turner, MIAMI HERALD

Complete reviews and downloadable catalogs are on the Reviews page.



The most recent work produced can alwaysbe viewed here, on Flickr.

Kate is now offering workshops and artist PR consulting. "Dig Deep: Find Your Visual Vocabulary" and "Publicity Hat" workshops are available to arts organizations. Information can be found here. There will be a "Publicity Hat" workshopat The Art Armory in West Palm Beach, FL, on February 28th, 2015. You can find fees for artist consults and workshops at

A new, comprehensive book of Kate's fiber work is available in hardcover, softcover, and e-book form at:

Kate's work will be appearing in the December 2014 issue of Esquire magazine.

Kate's paper and powerpoint presentation, "The Last Art Taboo: Identity Politics of Motherhood" was delivered at The National Textile Society's Symposium in Washington, DC, on September 20th, 2012. The powerpoint is now available for viewing on Youtube.

This Sharp World...," a 2012 solo exhibition at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, was reviewed in El Nuevo Herald, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, CraftGossip, Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, Craftzine, Quigley's Cabinet, and Berthi's Textile Collection Blog in the Netherlands. The show was an Editor's Pick on Flavorpill, and was Art Circuit's Critic's Choice-Best Picks of Summer 2012. A virtual walk-through of the exhibition can be found on Flickr.

Kate's hair embroideries will be featured in a new foundations textbook, "Foundations, The Fundamentals of Art and Design", to be published by Pearson Prentice Hall Press in 2014.

Kate's work was included in a new book, "The Cultural Encyclopedia of The Penis", published by Rowman & Littlehouse, that was released in Sept of 2014.

Kate's painting, "Blessed Art Thou", was exhibited at the Art Miami Fair, January 5-8, 2007. The painting was covered by over 130 news sources, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, The International Herald Tribune, and the New York Times. Complete list of press coverage for the painting is here.

Detailed images of Blessed Art Thou.

Reviews, catalogs, and interviews are available for downloading on the Reviews page.
"Grace & Shame" catalogs may be purchased from Amazon here.

Kate is currently working in her studio full-time, giving lectures & critiques as a visiting artist at various universities.



One of the functions of art is to strip us bare, reminding us of the fragility common to every human being across continents and centuries. Often I will meet someone, and the visible weight of his or her life becomes unbearable to me, it rips me open. The objects that I make are an attempt to articulate this feeling.

I give birth to the tactile, as I am swallowed by the virtual. I obsess over craft as our world becomes disposible. I weild emotion in its messiness because it's uncool. I work until my hands shake , because the world does not care.

I am banging my head against the wall, but the stain is beautiful.




Kate Kretz grew up in upstate NY, and spent several years living abroad in France, first at age 9, then again at age 18. She earned a Cours De La Civilization Française certificate at The Sorbonne and a BFA at the State University of New York at Binghamton before receiving her MFA from University of Georgia.

Kretz’s work has appeared in over 95 international newspapers and has been featured repeatedly in the New York Times, ArtPapers, Surface Design, Vanity Fair Italy, ELLE Japon, and PASAJES DISENO magazines. Her controversial painting “Blessed Art Thou” appeared in hundreds of international news sources, and continues to be published in university textbooks worldwide.

Exhibitions include the Museum of Arts & Design, Van Gijn Museum, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Wignall Museum, Katonah Museum, Frost Art Museum, Fort Collins MOCA, Telfair Museum, Fort Lauderdale Museum, the Museo Medici, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, as well as Lyons Wier Ortt & 31Grand Gallery in NY, Chelsea Galleria and Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Miami, and Packer/Schopf in Chicago.

She has received the NC Arts Council Grant, The South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, The Florida Visual Arts Fellowship, a Millay Colony Residency, and was a 2013 Trawick Prize Finalist. After working as an Associate Professor and BFA Director at Florida International University for ten years, she currently works in her studio while giving workshops and lectures at various universities.

Her work can also be seen on Flickr, and Facebook.